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Why Does TikTok Matter for a Marketing Strategy?

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Hypothetically, there could be three reasons why someone doesn’t know TikTok: he must have been born yesterday, he doesn’t have access to the Internet, or he’s a competitor who is in denial of TikTok’s sudden unstoppable rise, more so, of its existence.

On a serious note, though, TikTok is creating an immense noise right now that is just hard to ignore. With over 800 million active users, and more and more celebrities, and big companies diving into the craze, it’s obvious that TikTok is the app to beat this 2020.

But, what’s in it for your business? Should it be part of your digital marketing campaigns? Why does it matter for a marketing strategy?

We know there are a lot of questions in your mind, and it’s understandable considering that this social media platform is still a newcomer. But before we answer all these questions, let us have a brief background about TikTok.

What is TikTok?

Image Source: TikTok

TikTok is a video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos, and engage with other like-minded people. It’s an instant hit among GenZ users, but millennials are also catching up with the trend. TikTok is the home of many viral videos, dance challenges, memes, funny clips, and lip-sync videos all over the Internet.

TikTok provides a framework that makes it easier for people to create — especially if they don’t know what else to do. — Gary Vaynerchuk

One of the major reasons why TikTok is a major hit is that it’s different from other social media platforms in the sense that it promotes authenticity. It encourages TikTok users to show who they are while expressing their creativity, which is one of the wonders of user-generated content where TikTok is capitalizing on.

The platform works under these two core tenets: self-expression and creativity. To stay true with these, TikTok even launched a new marketing campaign with the tagline, “#ImaDoMe” or “I am going to do me.” Currently, there are 462.9 million views of videos associated with the hashtag.

And for the record, TikTok is the most downloaded app in the app store, and it has amassed a total of 2 billion downloads on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store (Sensor Tower). While TikTok is the most downloaded app in the app store, Google Play has accounted majority of the total downloads to date, at a staggering 1.5 billion number of installs.

Why Should You Advertise on TikTok?

Image Source: TikTok

TikTok users spend 52 minutes of their day on the app. This means that they are using the app either to create videos or enjoy the abundance of content on the app for almost an hour every day. And again, there are over 800 million monthly active users on TikTok, so you can just imagine the great potential of this platform in helping brands reach their target audience even for free.

And apart from organic reach, TikTok also has an advertising platform. TikTok for Business is still new as compared to Facebook and Instagram ads. They started creating an advertising pitch deck in late 2018 and began running short ads in 2019. And while TikTok advertising is still in the experimental stage, this can be the perfect time to utilize it because it’s still less saturated.

As you weigh your options of whether running ads on this platform is for you or not, here are some of the advantages of marketing on TikTok that you can take into consideration.

1. Huge Number of Engaged Users

You should have known by now that TikTok has over 800 million MAUs, and in the US, it is estimated that there are about 70 million monthly active users. Also, TikTok is known for its highly-engaged followers.

So, if you create and share a video on TikTok, you can expect to receive more likes and comments even if you just created your account. Thanks to TikTok’s over 70% engagement rate. This can also be attributed as to why more users are loving the app – more than the filters and features, users love TikTok because of the welcoming community. Try it for yourself.

2. Localization Advantages

While TikTok is a global app that is available in 154 countries, and 75 languages, its algorithm takes into account the location of the user. If a user is living in the US, videos that were created in the US, or in the same city or suburb show up first in one’s feed.

This is advantageous for local business owners in expanding their reach in the community. Businesses with multiple locations can also create localized marketing campaigns in different languages.

3. Improve Brand Awareness

The ROI for marketers and business owners on TikTok is most probably an increase in brand awareness, instead of sales or direct revenue. This should not come as a surprise because fan awareness is one of the metrics used on TikTok. And it must not be taken lightly because it can be a sign of brand loyalty, which can eventually lead to sales.

TikTok’s hashtag system also makes it easier for brands to be seen by their target audience. Businesses can use trending TikTok hashtags in their videos or create their branded hashtag challenge in coordination with a TikTok representative. Brands can also make use of influencer marketing to reach more people that are relevant to them.

4. Early Advantage of TikTok Ads

TikTok is still in the infancy stage of its advertising platform that is why it is expected that there is lesser competition and more chances to reach more audience and engagement.

Brief Guide to TikTok Ads

If you are planning to devise your strategy in improving your presence on TikTok, there are five types of ads that you should take into consideration. With these fresh takes on advertising, you can confidently say, “Out with the old, in with the new.”

In-Feed Ads

Video Source: TikTok

In-Feed Ads are vertical 9-15 second videos that can be seen in between user videos as you scroll down into the “For You” section. These ads look like the ads that you see once you tap through Instagram Stories. One huge advantage of In-Feed Ads is the ability to add multiple calls to actions. You can encourage users to download your app, shop now, or visit your website right from the app.

However, you should remember that just like other videos in the “For You” page, users can easily skip it. You only have 2-3 seconds to catch their attention to finish your video, and eventually encourage them to click on your CTA button.

With this in mind, In-Feed Ads should be full screen and enticing enough. Here’s a word of advice from Sawyer Hartman, the CEO of Cameras on TikTok:

“The text on TikTok videos should establish a problem or grab attention right away. Imagine your perfect viewer is sitting and watching your video with the sound off, what text can you put and what story can you tell that will convince them to turn their sound on?”

Brand Takeover

Video Source: TikTok

Have you seen ads the moment you open TikTok? Those are Brand Takeover Ads.

Brand Takeover Ads are full-screen ads that appear the moment a user opens TikTok. If you want to grab your target audience’s attention instantly, then, you might want to go ahead with these ads. Brand Takeover Ads can also appear on the For You page as still image, GIFs or videos with a clickable link that directs users to your landing page or to a Hashtag Challenge within the app.

Also, TikTok makes sure that every user only sees one Brand Takeover Ads per day. And while they are super effective in improving brand awareness and driving sales, these ads should not be your first choice if you are still starting with your business because they come with a hefty price tag.

TopView Ads

Video Source: TikTok

TopView Ads are full-screen videos of up to 60-seconds with auto-play and sound that appear during the first 3 seconds once a user opens TikTok. The ad display then transitions into the In-Feed unit. The TopView Ad displays also feature a clickable call-to-action button that can direct users to a landing page. Once the user decides to go back to the For You page, the TopView Ad displays again as the first video on that page.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

Video Source: TikTok

The Branded Hashtag Challenge taps into the user’s passion to create and engage with like-minded people by inviting them into a collective movement. This ad format is a fun and easy way for brands to collaborate with the TikTok community.

The Branded Hashtag Challenge is also a great way to promote user-generated content and improve brand awareness. The latest Hashtag Challenges can be seen on TikTok’s Discovery page, and popular challenge videos can be seen in the user’s For You feed.

Image Source: TikTok

Jimmy Fallon used the hashtag #tumbleweedchallenge to kick-off a new “challenges” segment on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” Other successful branded hashtag campaigns are Guess’s #InMyDenim campaign, Google’s #HeyGoogleHelp, and Lil Nas X’s #yeehaw.

Branded Effects

Video Source: TikTok

TikTok’s branded effects are similar to Snapchat’s branded lenses where users can add stickers, AR filters, and lenses into their videos. The branded effects allow a brand to create its custom filter on the app, and they can be live for up to 10 days.

Are You Ready to Dive Into TikTok Advertising?

Image Source: Unsplash

Without a doubt, TikTok’s popularity continues to grow exponentially, and with it comes the enormous opportunities to reach more of your target audience and generate your desired conversions.

With the steep price that goes along with TikTok ads, it’s crucial that you do your research – know which ad format will be best for your brand, identify how you can capture your audience’s attention the most, and determine whether your market is on the app or not.

Learn more about TikTok, the apple of the eye of almost every marketer this day, with the articles on our blog. You can also schedule a free consultation with us to find out more about your options.

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