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What Are Instagram Guides and How to Use Them?

For the very first time, Instagram, a social media giant that relies more on visuals has added a new feature that allows users to create blog posts – introducing Instagram Guides.

Guides aren’t entirely a blog posts section, but each guide appears like one because it includes image or video, and commentaries. And another thing that makes each guide look like a blog post is that users can consume the content by simply scrolling down like they are reading a blog post on their smartphones.

What Are Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides allow content creators to curate content and compile them in a scrollable section in their profile. The posts and videos that are used in Guides may come from the user’s own profile or other creators on Instagram.

With this new feature, Instagram users can easily discover recommendations, tips, and other content from organizations, publishers, and creators. Right now, Guides are focused on wellness and mental health due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And it is only available to some content creators, public figures, and organizations.

If you want to check out how Guides look like, you can visit the following profiles and click on the book icon in the middle:

· @eenfance

· @afspnational

· @heads_together

· @vitaalere

· @klicksafe

· @headspace_aus

· @deepikapadukone

· @sudahdong

As of writing, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has three Guides called “Mental Health & COVID-19,” “Have A Real Convo About Mental Health,” and “Mental Health Resources For The Black Community.”

Heads Together, which is a nonprofit organization that supports mental health has four Guides called “Our Guide To Talking About How We Feel,” “Our Guide To Self-Care,” “Our Guide To Kindness,” and “HT x The Mix: Pride Guide.”

How to Use Instagram Guides?

Instagram knows that by focusing Guides on wellness they can enable creators to connect with credible organizations to share expert resources, such as tips in managing anxiety or grief, and the importance of maintaining connection during this pandemic.

To view a guide, visit the profiles of the participating creators listed above. Then, tap on the book icon for Guides in the middle.

Once you are in, you can view the available Guides of that certain content creator. And if you tap on a video or an image in a Guide you will be automatically directed to the original Instagram post.

You can also share each Guide by tapping on the paper plane share button at the top right, and you will be given an option to either share it to your Stories or in Direct Messages to your selected users.

According to the company, Guides will be available in the Explore tab in the coming days.

A Timely Feature for Instagram

Although Guides are only focused on wellness and mental health right now, it is more likely to expand to other topics and industries in the future. Also, there are no ads in Guides, but if the feature will gain traction, there is a high chance that Instagram will find ways to monetize Guides and help business owners, as well.

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